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:: Welcome to my journal ::

This is a fiction/rant archive. I write for fun, to improve my writing and well, to read stuff i can't seem to find. Maybe someday, i'll get a chance to publish a book! *wink* So yes, constructive criticism is very much welcome.

To access my fiction, of which most are slash, go to my fiction track list.

On friends and friending: This journal is not friends locked. It is also friend free. I don't need prior greeting before friending, but it'll be nice if there is.

Last but not least, this journal is PG-13 at default. Please read at your own risk.

.: Modified 8th Jan 2008 :.

Jul. 21st, 2009

suddenly wonders how a narusasu or harry/draco dysfunctional rxn will look like with yunjae. hm~~~~~~

the whole pure love thing is getting boring. dysfuctional - fun. somehow, that seems to reflect my current life. *dies*


Inopportune timing

the most painful thing is to be left behind, to watch as everyone, everything fades away until there is nothing more than fragments of a memory. you can't remember their voices, their faces, the love in their eyes. you can't remember anything except the fact that they were once important, that life is hollow without them, that the ache in your chest reminds you that you once loved so much. remind, because you are no longer able to do so. because you have forgotten how. because there is nothing else worth that much pain, because the pain will be there, because they will one day leave and you're left behind again.

OK, end of muse.

One more exam to go!! Argh.


this perfect world, this perfect lie

what we believe and what we don't dare to say are two different matters entirely.


Drabble: Belief

Perhaps it is time i start practising my writing. And therefore i shall start drabbles!

She looked at him, lips curling up in disgust and disbelief. Ashamed, he looked away, the tension between them palpable and significant.

"Why should i believe you again?" she asked rather scathingly, eyes hard and arms crossed.

He shrugged, depicting an image of helplessness. "Because you always had."

Her eyes flashed red. "I know. It gives me more reason not to, doesn't it?" and from the tone of her voice, he knew she didn't want his opinions on the matter.

Moments passed between them. It was terribly awkward.

When she next spoke, her voice had softened. "I'm never going to believe you ever again. You know that," she said, voice barely a whisper.

His lips tugged up in a resigned smile. "One can hope." He looked at her then, black eyes the color of oblivion meeting her chocolate brown ones and saw something close to sorrow swimming in her eyes.

The smile that surfaced on her lips was a shadow of the ones he used to receive from her. "Even then, it will not come to fruition."

And in the private corners of his heart, he silently agreed.


Bearish times

why is the Japanese yen going up! *wails* i foresee myself getting poorer and poorer.

And DBS is retrenching people, and somehow, i think that's only the tip of the iceberg. most companies tend to do layoffs in rounds after all. *pout* now i really don't want to graduate.

i really need to find a scholarship out of singapore to finance graduate studies.


[FIC] Tough Luck

i just realized how much work goes into traveling and exchanges. argh!!! i really need a calendar and an organizer! and a good currency converter. And my exams are coming!


Tough LuckCollapse )


[FIC] Mission Break

Finally, i finished what i started like...months back. Here's presenting the first in the Pleasure Arc V-day request. I do apologize for the ridiculously long wait.

Title: Mission Break
Genre: Pleasure Arc, YunJae, Humor, Sex and Blood
Ratings: NC-17
Prompt: V-day Request 2008: Reunion, Romantic Rendezvous for chloe1910 
A/N: I really hope my writing style hasn't changed much between the first and second part of the fic.


Mission BreakCollapse )


Hello Muse

I should get back to writing.


Muse line: Countdown to nothingness
Genre: Angst, Original
The clock is ticking; there is not enough time. Not enough to tell her how much he loved her. Not enough to etch the memories of her before everything fades to nothingness. Not enough time at all.


[FIC] Textbook Diagnosis


I'm finally able to churn something out, after the terribly long dry spell. Gotta thank psychology for the revival. And nope, i haven't forgotten the list of fics i owe some of you. It's just uh...gonna take some time.


Title: Textbook Diagnosis
Genre: Humor
Ratings: PG-13
Summary: Junsu gets an explanation as to his current undead status.
Warnings: Many liberties taken with psychology theories
Notes: This is a slight deviation from Pleasure Arc, mostly because Yoochun and Junsu are so out of character.


Textbook DiagnosisCollapse )

Reporting from RL

when i once said Guardian from heaven was a mess, i never did realized how big a mess it was - till i started, that is. 

Novel length fics are so difficult to write!

when i started on gh, it was a spur of a moment thing. no plans, no nothing. the only thing i had in mind was the ending. so coming back to setting the fic straight is a different experience altogether. the cutting of scenes, the rewriting of some and all that. It is however, coming along, slowly but surely.

so yes. i am still alive. and i am still writing.

here's me reporting in case you were wondering.